Course code: PHTH E2065


Course unit title: Evidence-based clinical practice and clinical reasoning.



  • To develop students' knowledge, skills and ability in relation to the delivery and evaluation of effective clinical care based on the most appropriate evidence.

Learning outcomes:  At the end of this course unit the student will be able to,

  • define evidence based practice.
  • discuss theories related with evidence based practice.
  • demonstrate the ability to systematically search and critically appraise scientific evidence.
  • critically evaluate his/her approaches and methodologies of clinical practice in each clinical setup and hence identify issues for exploration.
  • demonstrate the ability to develop and implement strategies to overcome issues explored integrating key concepts of evidence based practice.
  • critically appraise the barriers and opportunities that will impinge on evidence based practice within clinical care and find the solutions to overcome barriers.
  • develop a continuous professional development clinical practice portfolio through evidence reflective practice.
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