Course code PHTH E3213
Course unit title: Physiotherapy in Disaster & Emergency Management


  • To develop students with knowledge and basic skills on disaster management.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course unit, the student should be able to,

  • Define the hazards and there outcomes.
  • Explain the hazard phenomenaDefine a disaster and the types of disaster.
  • Illustrate the disaster management cycle.
  • Explain the components of DSM cycle.
  • Categorize the disasters.
  • Discuss the socioeconomic aspects of after hazards.
  • Describe the possible injuries and health related aspects of hazards.
  • Identify the GOs and NGOs involve in disaster management.
  • Describe the tasks of GOs and NGOs.
  • Review the Disaster management act.
  • Define a triage system.
  • Explain the importance of a triage system.
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