Course code
 Course title

  Level 2

PHTH E2011

  Induction course*

PHTH E2023 (Core)

  Basic Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology for physiotherapists

PHTH E2034 (Core)

  Anatomy, Physiology,  Applied Exercise Science and Bio-Mechanics and Control of Human    Movement for physiotherapy

PHTH E2041 (Core)

  Psychology for physiotherapy

PHTH E2055 (Core)

  Disability studies including community-based rehabilitation

PHTH E2065 (Core)

  Evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning

PHTH E2073 (Core)

  Research methodology

PHTH E2084 (Core)

  Clinical Rotation - Neurology

PHTH E2094 (Core)

  Clinical Rotation - Musculoskeletal

  Level 3

 PHTH E3104 (Core)                              

  Clinical Rotation - Respiratory and medical

 PHTH E3114 (Core)

  Clinical Rotation - Paediatrics

 PHTH E3124 (Core)

  Clinical Rotation - Rehabilitation

 PHTH E3132 (Core)

  Management and leadership

 PHTH E3142 (Core)

  Professionalism in physiotherapy  

 PHTH E3156 (Core)

  Research project 

 Optional course units (select any 3 of the following)

 PHTH E3163 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Sports

 PHTH E3173 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Mental Health

 PHTH E3183 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Ergonomics and Occupational Health

 PHTH E3193 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Burns and Plastics

 PHTH E3203 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Oncology

 PHTH E3213 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy  in Disaster & Emergency Management

 PHTH E3223 (Optional)

  Physiotherapy in Woman’s Health

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