Course Code: OCCT E310X (10 credits)

Course Title: Research Project (Dissertation)


  • These modules will allow students to explore a professional issue of particular interest to them through the medium of research, under close individual supervision. It will consolidate skills learnt in research methodology and evidence based practice modules, by completing a piece of research based work that shows detailed commitment to the research process and significant exploration of topic chosen.

Learning Outcomes:

 By the end of the two modules, the therapist will be able to;

  • formulate a research question.
  • conduct a focused literature search.
  • write a critical literature review around their chosen topic.
  • design a study.
  • successfully apply for Ethics Committee approval.
  • design tools which are needed in the study, pilot them, and refine them as appropriate.
  • analyze their data and present results.
  • use basic statistical methods to analyze data.
  • write up results for publication in a scientific journal.
  • prepare a poster presentation.
  • work with a supervisor as a junior (but independent) researcher.


Presentation of completed project


  • A written report of approximately 8,000 words
  • As a poster presentation (alternative presentations will be considered depending on the project)


Guidelines on the conduct of the project


  • Each therapist will have an assigned project supervisor.
  • Each therapist will select their topic with their supervisor.
  • Each therapist will submit their project proposal to the Faculty Ethics Committee for approval.
  • Each therapist will have a minimum of 8 supervisory sessions, with their supervisor.
  • Each therapist will submit an electronic and paper copy of their project.
  • All projects will be marked by 2 examiners who will be drawn from the approved list of examiners.
  • All therapists will present a poster to their colleagues and tutors, after submission of their written report. This will be marked by a panel of examiners.
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