Course code: OCCT E3086

Course title: Occupational Therapy Practice


  • The aim of this module is to transfer newly gained theoretical knowledge and skills into a range of practical settings in order to further develop clinical skills to practice as competent Occupational Therapists. In particular this module aims to develop therapists skills in working outside of the institutional environment in home and community settings.

Learning outcomes:  

At the end of this module, the graduate will be able to;

  • demonstrate an improved range of skills in dealing with clients with various occupational deficits.
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills based on knowledge gained through the study of other modules.
  • demonstrate a greater ability to work well in a team and be flexible in approach with colleagues and clients.
  • demonstrate an ability to be objectively and constructively critical of one's own and other's skills in clinical settings.
  • formulate ways to improve skills of therapists through a problem-solving approach.
  • demonstrate an ability to transfer theoretical learning into actual practice.
  • Transfer their skills into home and community based settings.
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