Course Code: OCCT E2010

Course Title: Computer Literacy


      • Introduce services provided by the Information systems unit
      • To provide a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
      • Instil good practice with respect to data storage and file management using Windows Explorer
      • To provide basic training in using electronic mail and the world wide web
      • To provide basic training in using PowerPoint to create visual presentations

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the module the students should be able to

General skills:

  • Start and shut down the computer safely
  • use the mouse
  • adopt best practice when using computers for long period
  • demonstrate understanding of the properties of components in the Windows environment (Windows, desktop, taskbar, etc)

Word Skills

  • Create a document
  • Save a docu
  • Use and move a graphic
  • ment appropriately
  • Use grammar and spelling checker
  • Create basic tables

E-Mail skills:

  • Distinguish between their username and e mail alias
  • Send, receive, and reply, to an e mail massage
  • Demonstrate understanding of the function of in, out, and trash mail boxes
  • Send and receive attachments taking action to avoid virus infections

Web Skills:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and experience in web screening
  • Define the following terms: internet, World Wide Web, Browser, Hypertext link, Uniform resourse locator, home page
  • Use a web browser to ‘fetch’ a web
  • Make a book marker
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