Image of Sri Lankan Culture can be projected to the world by launching programs for the propagation, promotion and conservation of cultural elements treasured by Sri Lanka which inherits a long history.


To direct the university students and community in the locality to discharge their duties actively joining with the Ministry of Culture and the Arts to achieve its goals for the conservation, preservation and promotion of Sri Lankan Culture.


Prime objectives of the establishment of the Cultural Centre include involvement in the art and Culture related creations of the university staff and the students and implementation of diverse Cultural programs to achieve academic perfection as well as the social Co-existence of the whole university community including academic and non-academic staff.

It is further expected to implement programs designed by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts for the development of the Sri Lankan society in the university, assist cultural programs of the area which are necessary to the people in the vicinity and to introduce and launch new projects for the sake of cooperation and unity of the society.

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